Apartments in Hvar - Vrboska
Contact phone+385 98 276 160
Location and contact info
Lena Kotoraš
Address: Ogroja b.b.
21463 Vrboska, Croatia
Phone: +385 98 276 160
Phone 2: +385 21 774 202


Vrboska, the smallest town on the sunny island of Hvar, distinctive because of its geographical location hidden in the depths of the bay, pristine pine forests, cultural sites with the characteristics of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture, and interwoven with winding streets. Vrboska is a beautiful island in the middle of the bay, connected by bridges because it is called "Little Venice ". It has been inhabited since ancient times, became a fishing village and developed into a wonderful little town. One of the sights which Vrboska boasts is the Fisherman's Museum. The most prominent object of the island's architectural heritage of the church (fortress) vol. Our Lady of Mercy from the 16th century, was built at the expense of the villagers to defend against the Turks. Vrboska is known for its beautiful pebble and sandy beaches, fresh air, crystal blue sea and untouched nature. There's rabbits, island for nudists. Near the plaza apartments, restaurants, camping sites with stores. The rich fishing tradition Vrboske reflected in the local gastroponudi. Healthy food from the surrounding fields and fresh, just caught fish, with olive oil and aromatic herbs, all guests will be a unique gourmet experience that will, with a glass of one of the famous wines of Hvar, to be just perfect.